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Our references and latest projects
On this page an overview is shown of some of the realized products and projects by CODEC. We have categorized it in:
  • Products
    Here we give an overview of several of the products developed by CODEC.
  • Concepts
    Some ideas are worked out into a concept or demonstrator. Some examples of these concepts are described in concepts.
  • Tools
    Sometimes a tool is needed for measurements or for development support. The tools we designed and constructed ourselves are listed in tools category.


GPRS/RFID planning and registration terminal

For a customer we have developed a planning and registration terminal for employees in the homecare branch. The device is set up around a Cortex M3 processor with FreeRtos as OS. It has a GSM/GPRS module, a GPS receiver, RFID reader and a 2.8 inch OLED touch screen. Besides, it has a USB connection for software downloading and as alternative for GPRS planning data downloading. The USB interface is also used for battery charging. An earpiece connection is available and a built-in vibrator is used for touch screen feedback and for incoming call alert.
The terminal will be used to download plannings for employees from a server and to upload registrations. The employee can easily login by a RFID tag, or by entering a code. After having logged in the employee’s planning will be downloaded automatically from a server. Available registrations will be uploaded to the server. The server communication is done via a VPN connection with a proprietary protocol.
The terminal also includes basic telephone functionality and can therefore also be used as a normal mobile phone to make and receive calls.

Digital baby monitor

Wifi VoIP SIP phone
Our WLAN SIP VoIP platform is used in several Asian VoIP products for 802.11b/g. CODEC developed the hardware and most software of it while the production is done in Asia.

wireless CO2 sensor interface

Wireless thermostat

Wireless fan controller

Several device antenna designs (868 MHz / 2.4 GHz / GSM / DECT)
CODEC has successfully designed several antennas for customer products. Depending on the product and technology always an acceptable solution was found that gives best performance and range within the requirements. The antenna implementations were done for 868 MHz products, Bluetooth devices, WLAN devices, GSM/GPRS products, Zigbee devices and DECT.


One of our own products is the TeleFilter. It’s a small box to be connected between your telephone line connection, which keep your incoming calls cleaned from telemarketing calls. The user can select a blocking period per day (for example from 17.00 to 21.00 hr) and during this time all incoming anonymous calls will not let your telephone ring. Date (automatically switching from and to summer/winter time) and time are preprogrammed, but can be reset. The TeleFilter is plug-and-play, no batteries or adapter are needed and it supports both FSK and DTMF clip.


For one of our customers we have developed a telephone predialer to be connected to the PSTN telephone network. Codec Telecom has done the total hardware and software product development from idea to manufacturing. This product contains low-power techniques and is approved for CE and telephony requirements (TS103-021).

Dedicated industrial embedded software

Vapor Recovery management software

Modern gasoline dispensers use a Vapor Recovery system to prevent gasoline fumes to enter the environment. The Tokheim VR systems are state of the art and are used all over Europe. Codec wrote the field service software to configure and service these VR systems. The service history and error logs are managed by a database for centralized analysis and optimization of the system parameters.


Bluetooth Heartbeat monitor

For a customer we have build a prototype heartbeat monitor with Bluetooth. The IR sensor is fixed on a finger and the heartbeat will be indicated by a LED on the box and is sent to a connected Bluetooth device to display in a screen.

WLAN alarm button
One of our own products is a WLAN alarm button. It is a small box to be worn by elderly people or patients in institutes. If the wearer comes in a personal emergency situation then he can press the alarm button on this wireless product and the central office desk is informed who is in distress and where. Some additional monitoring functions are added, such as motion detection and temperature sensor.

DECT babymonitor

For one of our customers we have build a DECT babymonitor prototype to demonstrate the achievable range and audio quality of a DECT system in this application. CODEC developed the hardware and software of this demonstrator in a very short time period.

DECT/GSM dualphone
This dualphone is a DECT basestation and DECT/GSM handset. If the handset is within range of the DECT basestation then the handset uses the DECT link and the GSM part is disabled. So, this is more or less a normal DECT phone situation; The phone can be reached via its landline number. However, if the handset moves out of the base station range, the handset will disable the DECT part in the handset and will switch over to the GSM engine. Also the DECT base station will detect this and will direct all incoming landline calls directly to the GSM number of the handset; However, for the outside world this GSM number is hidden since all goes via the landline number. CODEC has devised the technical concept of this product and has built some prototypes as proof of concept.

Indoor positioning platform
CODEC has a platform ready which can be used for position-finding inside buildings. The platform is completely wireless and is in prototype phase.


Vector Network Analyzer

Antenna and RF development can not be done properly without a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). This device measures complex impedances directly at the operating frequency of the network or antenna and this information is essential for achieving optimal matching between RF devices and with antennas. Commercially available VNAs are very costly and this prohibits their use in many small and medium sized companies. Codec is developing an affordable alternative with useful specifications in the 0 to 4.5 GHz range. A prototype is operational and we are planning to launch this as a product later in 2010.

Delay line

Some radio systems can have time-critical operation that varies with the distance between two communication points. The correct operation at different distances has to be verified in a lab environment and we developed a variable delay line to simulate radio distance. This delay line simulates distances from 0 to 127 meters in 1 meter steps. It operates between 30 MHz and 1 GHz. A stepped attenuator is incorporated to simulate the signal loss over the various distances.

Test antennas (Yagi)

For antenna pattern measurements at an Open Area Test Site (OATS) one needs an antenna with a very narrow beam width to eliminate external interference. We designed and built a robust 2 x 6 element stacked yagi for the 868 MHz ISM band that combines a narrow beam width (both horizontally and vertically) with a compact size.

We also realized some other test antennas.

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CODEC’s SIP VoIP platform which is applied in
some WiFi telephony products by our Asian customers.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instruments Inc. Design House network.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instrument Inc. Design House network.

Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
These companies have chosen CODEC as there technology partner in several innovated wireless product developments
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