These companies have chosen CODEC as there technology partner in several innovated wireless product developments
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“We offer a complete development solution for your wireless product,
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January 2011O
CODEC design partner in Positioning Technology
After years of cooperation with Nanotron Technologies GmbH, both companies have signed a design partnership agreement to consolidate their relation. CODEC’s experience in positioning technology and product development complements the localization technology of the NanoLoc positioning engine for indoor use.

Nanotron is a German manufacturer of wireless devices in the 2.4 GHz band. The Nanotron Chirp technology allows for accurate distance ranging between devices as well as improved link quality. This enables numerous applications for indoor ranging and positioning, with applications such as asset tracking, child loss protection and others.

Thanks to this agreement Codec and Nanotron will cooperate closely on developing products with Nanotron devices for third party companies, like Child Loss Protection solutions and indoor location monitoring products.

October 2010
CODEC introduces Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). This autumn we are launching a VNA up to 3.4 MHz and with which all standard measurements such as S11, S21, S12, S22, return loss, SWR, input & output impedance and frequency transfer can be done. More information is available at

May 2010
New website launched.

Januari 2010
CODEC is proud to be selected by Texas Instruments (TI) to be part of its Design House network. So far, CODEC is the first and only TI Design House in the Netherlands. Texas Instruments is one of the industry leaders in the electronic component industry. Their microcontroller portfolio contains the MSP430 branch and the Stellaris family. The latter is based on an ARM® Cortex-M3™ architecture, which are very powerful 32 bit microcontrollers. TI also has an extended range of RF IC’s and many of them were successfully applied by CODEC in several wireless products for customers like Philips and Honeywell.

June 2009
CODEC has finished the G729 Codec implementation on the Kalimba DSP (part of CSR's BC5 chip). It is integrated in our Wifi phone platform.

March 2009
CODEC has released the first version of TVP (True Voice Processing) for VOIP phones. TVP is an alternative for CVC but also includes echo cancelling and results in an improved audio quality. TVP runs on a Kalimba DSP.

February 2009
CODEC now has a completely wireless indoor location solution available. It can be used for example to follow persons or objects in a building.

July 2008
CSR designs wireless chips for WLAN and Bluetooth. In Bluetooth CSR is the worldwide leading designer. For their WLAN VOIP platform, CSR has appointed Codec to take over the support of it.

June 2008
Luminary Micro, Inc., the lead partner for the Cortex-M3 processor, delivering the world’s first silicon implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor has authorized Codec Telecom BV as a Design Partner.

February 2008
CSR will show our WiFi phone on the Mobile World Congress which is held from February 11-14 in Barcelona.

January 2008
MCS, the Benelux distributor of wireless M2M modules (Siemens) and Codec become partners. Codec will support MCS for hardware, RF and antenna development and consultancy of wireless applications.

November 2007
Our new product is the WP04 SIP Wifi phone. This VoIP phone can be used on 802.11b/g for the SIP protocol. Please visit our projects page for more info.

March 2007
One of our own products, the TeleFilter, is selected for participation in Technopartner Award competition.

January 2007
Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, has authorized Codec Telecom BV as "Authorized Design House".

CODEC’s SIP VoIP platform which is applied in
some WiFi telephony products by our Asian customers.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instruments Inc. Design House network.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instrument Inc. Design House network.

Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.